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Extremely Efficient. Precise Result

Save Money & Time

It Take Approximately 24 Hours to Cover 200 Acres with 16′ Row Spacing with a Conventional Sprayer Going 4.5 MPH Spraying Every Row. With our New Design, Every Other Row is a “Full Cover”.

Spray Our Orchard

By utilizing the patent pending “clean fan” design, a unique drive system, bearings that can withstand loads 10 times there current application and just putting in some good old fashioned steel. Not to mention a computer that does all the thinking for you and a display to operate with that does not consume you whole entire cab.

Extremely Over Built

With a unbelievable volume and wind speeds up 58 mph produced by the model 1200 you would think that the horsepower requirements would be outrageous. This is not the case. 1200-10 (25hp) 10 ft tree height, 1200-14 (40hp) 14 ft tree height, 1200-16 (50hp) 16 1/2 ft tree height.

1 Year Warranty

At Precise Manufacturing our products are made with high quality materials and are built to last that is why each extreme Sprayer comes with a 1 year warranty. Call for details.

We don't spray a tree, we spray an orchard

Flow Thru Harvester

The Best of Both Worlds! – Two Machines in One!
Harvest & Non-Harvest postions.

Bear-Back Hedger

The Bear-Back Hedger is designed to have very limited exposures on the outside or “Tree Side” of the cutter bar.

EXII Sprayers

The EX II is designed for the narrow rows and fruiting walls. At only 62″ wide and a quick turn hitch you will be in and out of the narrow plantings with ease.

EX III Sprayers

Product Specifications: • Cover Taller Plantings with tilting fans • Save on Time, Money & Equipment • Turn off atomizers for small plantings • Quick Turn Hitch • Cover Twice the Ground • Every other Row is a Full Cover (up to 16′ Spacing) • Top of Fan is 17′ Extreme Sprayer Features: All fans […]

Ladder Rack

3 Point Ladder Freestanding Ladder Rack with Commercial Stencil. Designed to be moved with Rear Forks.

Bin Haulers

Precise Bin Fruit Trailers

Save time & Money with Precise Products